Braces Can Straighten Your Teeth and Decrease Your Risk of Decay

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Not only will braces straighten your teeth, but they can also decrease your risk of decay. The appeal and health of your smile can impact your life in huge ways. A better smile will make you appear more approachable, and you will be perceived as more attractive and kind to others. A straighter smile can boost your confidence and help you achieve more in your career and personal life. If you are ready to attain all these great benefits and improve the health of your teeth, visit us today. Below are just a few reasons we encourage patients to visit us for braces.

Bite Improvement: There are many different types of bite issues, extending from an underbite to an overbite or cross-bite. If you have a bite imperfection, you could be causing excessive wear on the surrounding teeth. If you do not have your bite fixed with braces, you could experience permanent damage to your teeth and potential temporomandibular joint disorders. Instead of paying thousands of dollars in dental restorations in the future, spend less now to fix your bite and improve the health of your jaw and surrounding teeth.

Gum Disease: If you have crowded, crooked, or out-of-place teeth, you are inadvertently putting extra stress on your gums. With these types of problems, it is harder to floss and brush properly. This leads to plaque and tartar (a harder form of plaque) buildup under your gum line. The persistent presence of tartar leads to bad bacteria growth and gum inflammation in response. When this problem is not treated, chronic gum inflammation leads to bleeding, red, and irritated gums. It can also turn into severe gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can be detrimental to your dental bone structure, causing tooth loss and jawbone malformations. It is also immensely painful when left untreated. Braces can prevent gum disease and gum irritation from developing.

Decay Avoidance: Crooked teeth lead to hard-to-reach places. This leads to decay. When plaque and bacteria cause eroding and thin enamel, your tooth is left vulnerable. If you already have decay, it must be removed and repaired before you receive your braces. Once your teeth are straightened, you will be able to reach every crevice to clean your teeth more thoroughly. You will also notice less tenderness and sensitivity to hot and cold due to decay.

Safer from Damage from an Outside Source: If you have out-of-place teeth, they are more at risk for breakage, especially if you play contact sports or lead an active lifestyle. Straightening your teeth will move them into safer placement where they do not stick out and become the victim of blunt force easily. Straighter teeth will also allow you to wear proper protective mouth guards more comfortably and securely.

If these reasons aren’t enough to encourage you to get braces when you need them, visit our office to learn more about the benefits of straightening your teeth.

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