Dental Office

Our dental office is conveniently located in Newark, Long Branch and New York. We are pleased to provide individuals and families with the dental care they need to stay in excellent oral health. At Dental Excellence, we understand the importance of offering comprehensive dental services so that regardless of whether you need a general teeth cleaning or a full restoration, we have the solutions you need to have a perfectly healthy and functioning smile.



We offer flexible appointment times, which means that you can visit our office without taking time off work. If you have multiple people in your family, we can try to schedule your teeth cleanings for the same general time so that you only have to make one trip to the dentist office.



In our dental office, we believe in the importance of patient education. Drs. Pinkhasov and Yusufov take the time to speak with each patient and discuss ways that they can improve their oral health.


Types of Dentistry

We offer comprehensive dental care so that all of our patients’ oral health concerns can be addressed from one location. This starts with performing routine dental examinations and teeth cleanings. Once teeth are healthy and clean, we can discuss any cosmetic issues or problems that may be interfering with having a perfect smile.

If a tooth does fall out due to an accident or infection, we can assist with that as well.

For those who have a dental emergency, we are available to accommodate any last minute appointment requests.



Dental offices have the advantage of using modern technology to improve dental care. Furthermore, technology has also made it possible for dental work to be performed in a way that keeps patients completely comfortable. By using sedation dentistry, for example, our patients are able to relax while having dental work performed so that they can enjoy the lovely results.


Our Team

Drs. Pinkhasov and Yusufov are experts at restoring damaged teeth and transforming smiles. Working with our friendly office staff and dental assistants, Drs. Pinkhasov and Yusufov have created an office environment where patients can feel at home.

If you live in or around the Newark and Long Branch area, we invite you to call 973-578-8800 (Newark), 732-728-7075 (Long Branch), 212-804-0500 (New York) and schedule an appointment to meet Drs. Pinkhasov and Yusufov and have your teeth examined.