The Many Benefits of Visiting an Invisalign® Dentist Office

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Being an Invisalign® dentist gives us the unique opportunity to give people something precious: their smile. While it may not seem very important to those of us who have a perfect smile, or at least one we are comfortable with, there are a very large number of people who are not happy with the way they smile. In fact, a recent study shows that over 52 percent of people would smile more if they were happier with the way their smile looked. This is an astounding number when you consider how vitally important smiling is to our social dynamics. A smile is the first thing most people see, and often the precursor to a first impression. Even more telling is the statistic that finds 89 percent of the population believing that a great, well-aligned smile is essential to attractiveness. Yet only 35 percent of the adult population have well-aligned front teeth, and thus a great smile. As people become more aware of the need for a better smile, the ranks of our adult patients seeking Invisalign® have swelled. Invisalign® is not just for teens: one in five of our patients are adults who want to have straighter teeth. In fact, teeth alignment is the largest growing segment in dentistry, as nearly 30 percent of all patients who go in to see a dentist today are looking for cosmetic dentistry solutions to better-looking smiles. With this tremendous increase in the number of adults looking for alignment solutions, the Invisalign® dentist has really come into their own by providing a great, adult solution to the problems of malocclusion.

Your Invisalign® dentist anticipates that the first visit will be one full of questions and a great deal of excitement. For people who have had to live with misaligned teeth, this visit is your first step to ending that problem forever and so the excitement is natural. Also, we know that you will have questions. The more questions you have for your Invisalign® dentist, the more we can help you understand the system, how it will help you, and what to expect as we go through the procedure. It is important for you to know that there are three things that make Invisalign® the best system you can use to straighten your teeth. These come in the form of comfortable, customized, clear aligner trays.

When it comes to comfort, we left no stone unturned, as Invisalign® is the most comfortable way you can align your teeth. Gone are the days when you have a mouth full of metal, with brackets and wires protruding everywhere. The understated plastic trays, which are clear and virtually invisible, fit right over your teeth, and 83 percent of you will be completely adjusted within a day or two of receiving your new aligners. This is because the Invisalign® solution is 100 percent customized for your needs and based on your measurements. We take these measurements in the clinic and send them to the lab, which then sends you a perfect set of customized aligners each week to meet your goals.

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