Solutions That We Offer in Our Cosmetic Dentistry Office

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From subtle improvements to large scale procedures, there is much to know about the benefits of having access to cosmetic dentistry. If you have imperfect teeth that need improvements, we can help. There are tried and true ways to treat shaping issues, discoloration, chipping, and crooked teeth, among other issues. To learn more about what we can offer, read below.

Teeth Whitening: A subtle but commonly forgotten way to improve your smile is to simply have your teeth whitened. We can provide you with ways to make your stains disappear. Discoloration in tooth enamel is very common, but that does not mean you have to live with it. For a brightened smile, visit our office for options and for advice on which shade is right for you. We can then procedure to whiten your teeth by eight shades or more!

Dental Bonding: Bonding can provide you with an easy fix for minor scratches, chips, or cracks in your teeth. It can even cover up spotting issues. Our cosmetic dentistry team can complete a bonding in a short visit. Our dentist will apply a pliable tooth-colored material to your problem areas and then harden it to a solid, durable finish. Dental bonding is a reliable way to address noticeable defects in your smile.

Veneers: We can apply a veneer to the fronts of teeth that have shaping or discoloration issues. A veneer is a thin layer or shell that is bonded to your tooth for protection and an attractive appearance. A veneer will make your smile look whiter and allow it to have an improved shape.

Crowns: For more extensive tooth damage, we can cover your entire tooth with a crown to preserve what is left of it and to protect it from further decay or damage. Having crowns placed can last a lifetime, and they are a reliable way to improve your smile while protecting your natural teeth.

Enamel Shaping: If your teeth are irregularly shaped or are in need of minor shaping corrections to cover small chips, we can carefully reshape your tooth enamel for a straighter, natural-looking correction. In most cases, enamel shaping is reserved for subtle improvements.

In our cosmetic dentistry office, we can provide you with any of these services, a combination of these services, or even more extensive procedures to improve your smile. We can even give you an entire smile makeover that encompasses a variety of the processes above to completely turn your smile around for an attractive result. If you are looking for major improvements, we can deliver. Our office even provides dental bridges and dental implants for those looking for permanent replacements to missing teeth. Our bridges and implants are strong replacements that work much like your original teeth did. They both look and behave like your natural ones.

To learn more about the helpful procedures we provide to improve your smile, visit our dental office. We know that you will be pleased with the information you receive and the results after your treatment has been completed.

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